viernes, 9 de febrero de 2007

The Kylix paradox

I still can't understand why the Kylix concept wasn't such a success from the business point of view.

I personally know a company and some developers that started to use Delphi because they needed to evolve in some point to a more modern tool. The main reasons were:
  • Modern IDE although familiar language
  • The Multiplatform promise

Then, those ideas were enough to make their minds, and the powerful Borland's (now CodeGear's) RAD concept happens to be enough to have no regrets about this decision.

The thing is, now some of them are flirting with Java, while others are likely to become pure .Net developers, using VisualStudio of course :(

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  1. Too bad that Kylix is a finished product, just discontinued as is. It now looks like it never been existed, like so many technologies.